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Pure energy (REGen) Ltd announces Joint Venture Agreement with OAK Network


It’s the perfect partnership:

Alan MacLeod

As Alan MacLeod, Founder and CEO, Pure energy says, “The energy sector faces prolonged and significant pressures, not least in "higher for longer" fossil fuel prices, combined with the continuous drive for decarbonisation and investment in renewable energy sources.

Collaboration between Pure energy and OAK Network helps businesses address some of the important cost challenges they face today, by initially promoting cost-efficient energy use. Our collaboration helps businesses achieve their cost saving goals through innovative digital applications, providing a clearer picture of on-site energy usage and means to achieve sustainable cost savings.”



Gaetan CuvillierGaetan Cuvillier, Founder and CEO, OAK Network confirms, Pure energy’s purpose - to energise businesses to be more sustainable and provide their own renewable power – aligns completely with OAK’s mission. 

Using OAK’s technology, businesses can maximise the energy efficiency of their operations and uncover hidden savings. This puts them in a great position to get the most out of generating and using renewable energy. Every kWh saved lowers energy costs, reduces emissions and frees up a kWh of clean, renewable power to be used for good elsewhere.



It’s the perfect place:  

Scotland is going further and faster than the rest of the UK by targeting net-zero by 2045 and a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – one of the most ambitious climate targets in the world.

Just over six months ago, COP26 placed Scotland in the spotlight and showed the world how important it has become to go further and faster in carbon emission reductions.

The time for talk is over; now it’s time for action, and that’s what this partnership is all about.

It’s the perfect time: 

Businesses are seeing their energy bills rapidly increase this year, with the forecast of more cost increases to come. The energy cost crisis currently facing virtually all business sectors means managing on-site energy consumption and renewable energy generation is more in focus than ever before. 

We look forward to working alongside Pure energy to bring our unique technology to Scottish businesses so they can build resilience to rising energy costs and help accelerate their journey to net zero carbon emissions.

“Theres never been a better time to think about on-site renewable energy”

 Better control of your business energy needs is key to sustainable cost savings.

 Pure energy is dedicated to helping businesses and people benefit from the array of technologies that enable you to be in control of your energy needs.

 We make sense of the technology options available and translate these into simple, understandable and accessible packages. We enable your business to stay focused on your core activities whilst we make sure the best value green energy solutions meet your business needs.

 Pure energy is active within the Built Environment sector, including low carbon infrastructure heat network design, construction management and operation, including on-site renewable energy generation, electric vehicle charging and data analytics.

 We're ready to support businesses and multi-sector organisations in the transition towards a low carbon future. We support you through the complete energy transition process and track progress; using our existing supplier network, we will work with you to deliver the optimal renewable energy solution for your business.

 Given the economic challenges we face, businesses demand low-cost energy solutions.

 Pure energy is ready to work with you to make it happen.