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OAK Network Website's Digital Footprint

Every year with rapidly increasing access to digital technology and the internet, by 2025 this sector is predicted to account for nearly 8 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions emitted into the atmosphere.

Digital Share of GHG emissions

Source: Lean-ICT-Report_The-Shift-Project_2019.pdf (

Following our plan and promise to bet Net Zero business by the end of 2030 we’re implementing a tool to help us to track the emissions generated when visiting the OAK Network website.

Using tree-nation label technology we will know the accurate estimation of the emissions of our website. Algorithm will count the page views and calculate the CO2 emissions based on the Alexander Wissner-Gross’ study where on average 0.02g of CO2 is being emitted per page view.

This is a first step and it will allow us to track and offset the CO2 generated by others when using the OAK Network website. Thus, allowing us to be in control of our digital footprint, and most important to be transparent about it.

Track our progress by visiting: Forest of Oak Network | Tree-Nation - Forest’s trees

Alternatively, you can do it by clicking the Net Zero Website label within our footer.