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How Energy Monitoring Can Detect and Prevent Equipment Failures

At OAK Network our ethos is if you can measure it, you can manage it. With our sensors, businesses can dig into their energy consumption patterns and behaviours, with the goal of reducing consumption and saving money. We don’t just check your bills or tap into your smart meter, we have our own sensors that we install on your meters to track your consumption in 5-minute intervals, so that you can get into the granular detail and maximise your efficiency.  

On top of this, we offer several add-on services, one of which is individual equipment monitoring. We can remotely monitor appliances and analyse their consumption, comparing against the manufacturer’s specifications to flag up any inefficiencies. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at this case study from one of our clients, a bar chain.  

Make Savings with OAK Network

Client: chain of bars across the UK, started with 3 sites in central London before extending to 35 other sites across England and Wales 

The Client wanted more granularity on their energy bills, so that they could implement sustainable changes in the business with the data to back it up. Through our services we found several areas of savings, totalling just over £7,000 across the 3 initial sites. One of these savings came from monitoring the air conditioning in just one of the sites.  

We installed sensors directly onto the air conditioning units so that we could remotely monitor their consumption. Our analysts then compared the data that we were receiving with the expected performance from the manufacturer’s information and found discrepancies; the air conditioning was not performing as it should have. Through this monitoring, we were able to alert the business to schedule maintenance on this equipment to improve its energy efficiency and reduce waste. 

fig case study

We calculated that this sub-optimal equipment would cost the business £1,750 annually without maintenance. Because of our services the client was able to service the faulty machine and directly reduce their costs.  

Equipment Monitoring: Predictive Maintenance and Optimised Performance

Unexpected outages of equipment can be very costly for businesses, causing significant financial losses due to downtime, repairs, and replacement costs. It is very disrupting and can have a domino effect of delays and cancellations. With appliance monitoring, businesses can proactively monitor and maintain their equipment, improving reliability and reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.  

By implementing OAK Network's comprehensive energy management services, businesses gain the ability to measure and manage their energy consumption patterns and behaviours. This allows for the reduction of energy consumption and the resulting cost savings.  Overall, energy management provides numerous advantages. It facilitates early detection of issues, improves equipment efficiency, enables predictive maintenance, generates cost savings, and enhances operational efficiency. With OAK Network's services, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with equipment failure, optimise their energy usage, and drive sustainable success. Remember, if you can measure it, you can manage it.