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Energy Bills and Energy Management

With the rapid energy price increase, businesses more often investigate their bills wondering why is it so high, how they consume so much and where that consumption comes from? Unfortunately, none of these answers can be found within the standard energy bill leaving the majority of businesses in the unknown.


Today's typical energy bill consists of:

  • Standing charge – charged daily for simply having the access point.
  • Tariff - expressed in pence and it is based on the combination of location, provider, and the contract you agreed to (day/night/weekend/Off Peak).
  • Consumption is known as “Used Units”.

Thus, by default, the energy bill simply cannot contain enough information for businesses to make use of it and save money. However, that’s where companies like OAK-Network can help.

Instead of relying on a monthly bill, OAK provide businesses with a useful insight platform showing what is being consumed, when that consumption happened, and by which appliance. All of it on a minute-by-minute basis.

Case Study

Imagine having tens or even worse hundreds of devices at your office with no control over when it is being used and for how long, what if it’s kept on overnight? (Typical with computers and particularly monitors). In this case, a computer based on the current electricity tariff of 0.1875p could cost you anywhere between 0.10-0.15 pence per night per unit.

Now, having 10 of those left on during the night for a month alone can cost you around 27-45£. Add more appliances or equipment with higher consumption, increase the electricity price (already happening - Telegraph article) and you are slowly but surely moving into a 3-digit category making it easy to understand why visibility on individual devices is so important.

“Silent and costly”

Sometimes some appliances can work fine and show no visible defects, but consumption can be much higher compared to their healthy counterpart. Could you tell the difference? Most likely not unless you’re using additional technology to measure that consumption. By using OAK, it’s simple to be noticed about affected appliances as our alert system technology is here to inform and even turn it off when needed*. The collected data can also be used as evidence to claim warranty or insurance on defective appliances(if applicable).

*Based on on-site setup.

Beyond the basics

Case study above is just a one of many examples how we can work together and make your business better and future proofed. OAK can also help to identify your business needs for the energy storage as well as the requirements for new solar or wind installations. Making your business more sustainable and eventually enabling it to reach the Net-Zero. Learn what journey with OAK looks like: Journey with OAK

Do you still think that relying on paper bills and wasting energy is the way forward?

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