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Earth Day 2022 and OAK Network


This year’s Earth Day 2022 goal is to showcase the collective responsibility to combat climate change and help accelerate the transition into Net-zero. Time is ticking and as we’ve seen in the recent IPCC “Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of climate change” report things won’t get any better until we all work together...

So, here is how we at OAK Network do our bit to #InvestInOurPlanet and help the #environment one step at a time.

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During the event we discussed:

  • How OAK Network help to put sustainability at the heart of operations
  • How energy as a service model will help the communities moving forward and facilitate involvement from within
  • How OAK Garden supports kid's education about sustainability
  • OAK Dashboard and real use case for the Conduit club

What our attendees have to say:
  • "In order to create a systematic change, we need everyone's help, not just you know, the large institutions making the pledge and promises. But also, we need to see small changes from us, from the start-ups and small SMEs together" - Ida Donn, Co-Founder Carbon 13
  • “I think a company like this is extremely helpful in building trust within the community. I think everybody has recognized the energy price crisis and now it's about time to bring forward solutions. I think these kinds of events are great. They're a great opportunity to get together with likeminded people, but also because people have different views” - Nils Meinfeld, Founder and CEO Hibyrd
  • “I think OAK is a pretty solid idea. I think they've become very directional in what to do, and about energy savings and I think being conscious of the fact that people are losing resources without even requiring them or using it. I think it's a great initiative, and I hope their gas in the tank is gonna take them forward” - Anuj Gupta, Founder Greenvan


Feeling inspired? Join us on this journey and #TakeAction now!

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